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Panel inspections

At Jag Electric we believe all homeowners should be informed on the heart of the home. Thats why we offer low cost panel inspections that will let you know the condition of your electrical panel, the amount of circuit spaces you have remaining and the possibilities you have! We also check to see if what you have is up to current safety code.
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Panel replacement Professionals

Has your panel failed? Constant breaker trips?? Just need more space??? We would love to assess your needs and come up with a solution that best fits your future.
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Car Charging Experts!

Purchased a new Electric Car? Let us walk you through the right options for your vehicle charging needs!
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Generator Installation

The power may only go out once in a while but when it does it sure can hurt! Lost food, Cold house, no hot water….. Not fun! Let us come up with a strategy to help you get some form of backup power in place be it a portable generator or standby!
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Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fans can be very beneficial to the heating and cooling of your home and could save you thousands over the span of the fans life! Give us a call today!
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Whole home surge protector's

Did you know that most surges of electricity occur from within your home?? Larger appliances demanding electricity instantly can cause fluctuation or (Surge). Installation of an in home surge protector can save your appliances and devices years of life.
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