An Electrical panel is the entire operating system for your homes power needs. While the life span of a typical panel is 20-30 years, that is all dependent on the maintenance it has received over the years. In most cases, its zero. Jag Electric while giving a free estimate can inspect your panel and let you know a little more about the system.

Some things we look for are:

  • Is there a main breaker? (Split bus panels have a main that controls only the lower half, leaving the upper portion constantly on. Not safe in the event of failure.)
  • Are appropriate breakers on appropriate wires? (Over sized breakers on undersized wires poses a fire hazard if the draw exceeds the rating)
  • Is there Knob and tube present? (knob and tube does not offer a ground and after many, many years is usually degraded and unsafe)
  • Do you have the space to accommodate future goals? (Hot tubs, EV chargers, Bidet toilets, etc.)
  •   Is there a grounding and bonding system hooked up? (Grounding and bonding connected to your panel allows for safe path to ground in the event of a fault.)
  • Are connections tight? (loose connections will cause arcing and heat/fire hazards)
  • Jag Electric will also check the panel you have with a thermal imaging camera to ensure no breakers are overheating.

And many other small details that ensure things run smoothly!

Call JAG Electric out to inspect your homes panel needs. You cannot afford not to have us out!

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